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Smash Cake With Cows

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

The cutest little boy turned 1 this past month and I got to capture the sweetest pictures of him eating cake for the first time with his cows. We took pictures on their property with the prettiest pond and and golden light in the evening. Mom + dad + uncle + grandparents were behind the scenes playing baby shark, clapping, and singing for this cutie. Myles started eating his cake and the cows were very intrigued about what was going on and walked right around him as he was eating his cake and just watched. It was the sweetest!!

That belt buckle and little cowboy hat...the best!

Cake and cows, what could be better!?

*That moment you realize the cake is almost gone*

I hope you enjoy some cake today as much as Myles did!!

Thanks for stopping by!


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